Word from our Alumni


I have joined KIA in 2015 and it is just like a family to me. I played a major role as a Secretary for Kent Indian association (KIA). Initially we worked very hard as a team to rise funds and get support from the university. But later with teamwork, support and encouragement, we had organized great events like Diwali and Holi.

Madhu Reddy

I am so grateful to have been part of this outstanding organization. Coming from a country like India which is rich in traditions, cultures and many festivals, I thought I would always miss them here but KIA makes everyone feel home by conducting many events and celebrating our culture and festivals like diwali, holi etc. KIA is not only limited to Indian students but we always welcome people from different countries to take part in it and to get know about different cultures,traditions. We also conduct sports like cricket every year and bring everyone together in their busy life's.

Krishna Mahesh

Kia makes us feel home.. celebrate festivals like home away from home,
Brings us all together upholding unity in diversity... Prepares the stage to showcase the talent.
Sometimes bring out the hidden leader in one.

Bharat Chaturvedi

I came to Kent in Spring 2013, at that time there were three different kent Indian association all on Facebook and not at the university level, I joined them all and became the President of KIA in fall 2014. We registered the organization at KSU with CSI and also made the ISSS aware about such an organization for Indians here at Kent.


I feel privileged to share my experience with KIA. It was my pleasure being a part of KIA.
Though we went through many hurdles to re-establish the organization, in the end we were successful in taking close to all the students. The best part was I found love of my life in this journey. KIA is not an association it's a BRAND.